Website Hosting

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

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Your website host is the computer (called a server) where your website lives.  The server makes the content of your site accessible to the Internet.

Your domain name is the internet address people use to reach your site.  The name is registered to you and you own it.

Together, the domain name and website host make it possible for people to visit your website.  Valley Web Studio will look after your domain name registration and website hosting.
No worries!

Super-Reliable Hosting

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

Server array in data centre

Frustrated by incomprehensible instructions, or support techs who just want to sell you more services?  Confused about what you need to keep your website safe, reliable, and trustworthy?  

Valley Web Studio provides website hosting you can rely on.

  • Our websites are hosted on servers located in Tampa Florida
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Green Hosting - the Data Centre is powered by renewable energy, uses energy-efficient hardware and supports energy-efficient practices like encouraging staff to work from home
  • Sites are backed up daily and 30 days worth of backups are held in storage
  • Excellent security with multiple firewalls, application security patching, malware detection, and free SSL certificates
  • Awesome support - technicians available 24/7 for problems we can't solve ourselves 


Hosting Features . . .

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

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  • Free Security Certificate - which gives you an https address and the locked or green padlock security indicator
  • Email addresses and forwarding
  • Payment processing
  • WordPress or conventional sites
  • MailChimp integration
  • E-commerce


And Services

  • Site Migration - move from your current server with minimal fuss
  • Domain registration and transfer

What About a Hurricane?

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

The facility that houses our sever was built to withstand hurricanes and other catastrophes.  It obtains emergency power from the airport and hospital power grids, but it also has backup diesel generators.

Service was not disrupted when Hurricane Irma passed through Tampa in September 2017.

Best of All

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

You don't have to struggle with technical issues or deal with support people trying to sell to you.

We jump through the hoops.  You relax knowing your website is safe.

Hosting Fees

Updated: Jan 13 18
 Created: Jan 13 18

Our fee schedule is super simple
Domain registrations are $30 per year
Standard hosting costs $145 per year.  

We offer a discount for many volunteer community organizations.